Top tips to save money on your dental treatment

At the start of the new year, money is tight, and everyone wants to ensure that every penny is stretched to its limit. We all want to be able to maintain a healthy smile, without spending to excess, so in this month’s blog we have some tips to help you save money on your dental treatment.

1. Attend for appointments

This may seem counterintuitive but by attending for regular routine appointments, the dentist will be able to identify any problems before they get to the stage of causing you pain or requiring expensive, extensive treatment. Just remember the bill for a filling is much less that the bill for root canal treatment, a crown or extraction.


2. Maintain a good oral hygiene routine

If you really want to save money, it is important that you focus on your oral hygiene routine. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste and use interdental cleaning aids to clean between teeth daily. It is also important that you have a full and varied diet, with sugary foods and drinks limited to mealtimes.

3. Work with your dentist

Your dentist understands that you may be unable to afford all the necessary dental treatment at once. If you require a lot of dental work, speak openly with your dentist and ask which procedures need to be completed right away and which can be deferred until a later date. It may also be possible for the dentist to provide temporary fixes that will maintain your teeth until the permanent work can be arranged.

4. Budget

Here at Valley Dental Practice we are pleased to be able to offer Denplan payment plans to help you budget for your dental treatment. With Denplan’s fixed monthly payments on both the comprehensive and preventive plans you can avoid surprise dental bills.

Call Valley Dental Practice today on 01255 220322 to book your consultation and see what we can do to help you achieve your perfect smile.

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