Infection Control Procedures

Here at Valley Dental Practice we have always adhered to the highest possible levels of decontamination and infection control and are pleased to say that we meet the best practice standards laid out in HTM 01-05, our current government directive on decontamination of instruments within the dental practice.

This means that we have:

    • A local infection control policy  
    • A nominated lead member of staff responsible for infection control and decontamination 
    • All dental instruments are reprocessed using dedicated equipment
    • Dedicated hand-washing facilities are provided in all surgeries and the decontamination room 
    • Instruments are wrapped either before or immediately after decontamination 
    • Complete training records are in place for all staff 
    • A dedicated decontamination room to allow for complete separation of reprocessing procedures for instruments 

  • Safe procedures for the transfer of contaminated items from the treatment to the decontamination area 
  • Regular audits of the infection control and decontamination practices are carried out to provide a quality assurance system 
  • Manual washing is no longer completed
  • Improved separation of decontamination processes from other activities and distinction between clean and dirty workflows 

In light of the current pandemic, we have also put in place further measures to ensure both staff and patient safety

1. Perspex screen installed at Reception

We have installed a screen around Reception to help provide a physical barrier, protecting both staff and patients 

2. Move to digital pre appointment questionnaires

We have upgraded our dental software so that we will now be able to send you your medical history forms to your phone or email prior to your appointment. This means that you will be able to fill them out in the comfort of your own home and reduces the need for us to handle forms, pens and clipboards.

3. Air purifiers 

We have also recently invested in two state of the art air purification systems, ready for when we are allowed to reopen. The systems filter out over 95% of harmful bacteria, viruses, dental matter and pathogens, helping to further raise our high levels of infection control.

4. Hand gel stations installed in reception

This will enable patients to disinfect their hands on their way in and out of the practice. 

5. Even higher infection control

We have increased our cleaning within the surgeries, and we will increase the length of all appointments to ensure that we have enough time after every appointment to deep clean the surgery. 

We will of course be constantly re-evaluating our procedures and will put any further infection control measures in place as and when necessary. 

If you would like any further information about our infection control procedures, do not hesitate to email us on

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