At Home Oral Hygiene

With current guidelines preventing us from seeing any patients for routine appointments, this month’s blog focuses on how you can keep your teeth healthy at home. 

1. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth

It is important to brush your teeth twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste, especially before bed as this will help to get rid of the plaque and bacteria that has accumulated throughout the day. 

2. Brush properly

The way you brush is equally important. It is important to spend two minutes twice a day brushing your teeth and follow the same routine when brushing to ensure that you do not miss any part of your teeth. 

3. Use a fluoride toothpaste

No matter what kind of toothpaste you buy it is important to ensure that it contains fluoride. All children up to the age of three should have a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1000ppm Children older than three should have a toothpaste with a fluoride level more than 1000ppm. Adults should brush with a toothpaste containing 1350-1500ppm fluoride.

4. Use interdental cleaning aids

Many people brush regularly but forget to use interdental cleaning aids to clean those areas that brushing alone misses. There are a wide range of aids available including floss, tape, interdental brushes, floss picks or water picks and it is important to clean interdentally daily. 

5. Drink more water

Drinking water after every meal will help to wash away some of the sticky, acidic foods, and beverages in between brushes.

6. Eat crunchy fruit and vegetables

Eating fresh, crunchy produce not only contains more healthy fibre, but it is also a good choice for your teeth. 

7. Limit sugary and acidic foods

Sugar converts into acid in the mouth, which can erode the enamel on your teeth. These acids are what leads to cavities. While you do not have to avoid such foods altogether it does not hurt to be mindful and wherever possible try to limit them to mealtimes. 

8. Come back and see us

Wherever possible we will be in touch to rearrange any appointments that have been missed while we have been closed and will be sending out reminders as normal as soon as we are allowed to reopen. Do not forget that regular dental appointments help to ensure that any problems are identified early and can be treated quickly.  

If you have any concerns about the health of your teeth while we are closed do not hesitate to contact the team at Valley Dental Practice on or 01255 220322 and we will endeavour to assist you as much as possible.

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